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Sweet Little Lies - Pink Kitten
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That’s what I’m talking about when I say how much Sebastian gets Ciel.

He did look at the picture and loved it, but because Ciel did not want it he burned it. He did not try to force him to take the picture because it’s nice and a reminder of a successful win, something that Ciel should have as a trophy maybe, instead he decided to prepare an exceptionally sweet cake for Ciel, knowing that it will be a trophy in his way, but a subtle one which Ciel will take.

It reminds how they just get each other. 



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You are the dream I never should have cherished. | inspired by this.


New poster illustration for Black Butler (黒執事) in the May issue of Animedia Magazine featuring Ciel and Sebastian illustrated by Hitomi Ochiai (落合瞳).

Forever Strong and Forever in my Heart; My Brother

Today, 1:10 a.m., will mark the day that God has received a most precious angel. My amazing big brother. A long, hard, 5-year battle with cancer you fought tremendously. Forever will you be in my heart and there you shall always stay. There is no better person I could have called, and will forever call my big brother, my best friend, my biggest inspiration, and the strongest person I have ever been honored to be the sister of. We shared everything together. We laughed until we couldn’t breath, we made stupid jokes, we called each other Buttface, endless things and times we shared. You were and are my everything. I could always come to you whenever I needed help and I will continue to come to you. You have the strongest heart, a smile that in contagious, I will always remember you as the big brother who was always laughing, smiling, having a great time anywhere he went, the one I could sit on and laugh like crazy with, the one who called me Urska. You will always be the most amazing brother. Rest in peace my beloved brother. Forever in my heart and mind, never to fade, always to stay. Have amazing adventures in heaven. We will be reunited again but until then, I love you with all of my heart and I was immensely honored to be you’re little sister. I love you  R.I.P to the most amazing brother in the world. 3/23/89 - 4/22/14. Forever Strong

Me with my amazing big brother. May you rest in peace, be at ease, and have amazing adventures in Heaven. We will meet again <3